How To Install Kinemaster In Pc Or Laptop Without Watermark

Kinemaster For Laptop
Kinemaster For Laptop

 If you want to run Kinemaster on your PC or Laptop then keep reading this article till the end. We will share with you how to use Kinemaster for PC and Laptop Without Watermark. No matter which window you are using it will work for all winds including (7, 8, 10, and Mac).

There are A lot of video editors are available for PC Like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Filmora, etc. But all these are very complex software. To edit videos on this software required a lot of video editing knowledge ranging from applying filters to exporting video in full HD format.

It is more important to note that we can not directly install kinemaster Pro for Pc. But you can easily install it with the help of third-party software such as bluestacks. Bluestacks allows you to run any android app on your laptop for Pc.

App NameKineMaster Mod Apk
Size95 MB
MOD InfoPremium Subscription
Compatible with5.0 or higher
CategoryVideo Players & Editors
Google Play linkPlay Store
Reviews Rating4.4
Update24 August 2022

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Export Videos Without Watermark

This is the thing that everyone wants. Videos with watermarks do not look professional and people don’t like videos with watermarks. Thus here you can edit videos on your pc without a watermark. Later you can export it any quality without any kind of watermark.

If you don’t know what is a watermark? then here is a little help for you. Watermark is actually a branding of any particular software. Thus watermark in the kinemaster is a text written at the end of the video editor. Like this video is edited in kinemaster, made with kinemaster, etc. I hope now you get what is watermark and how to avoid it.

Instant Preview

It’s a long and time taking process to see your editing at the end. But don’t worry kinemaster has the feature that you can see the changes instantly. I think this is a great feature and it will save you time a lot and help you to edit video correctly.

Record Audio and Video

It has a built-in feature of recording Audio and video. Thus you do not need to install extra software for audio and video recording. This feature will save your memory and processing power as well.

Edit Separately

Kinemaster For Pc provides the feature of editing audio and videos explicitly. Thus you can edit audio and videos more accurately and it will enhance your video and audio editing experience to the next level. A more professional video will be produced using this feature.

Chroma Key

This is the feature that makes Kinemaster pro popular all around the world. This feature has created much ease for video editors to create much more professional videos. Chroma Key is also available in Diamond kinemaster that you can also use on pc same as you can use Kinemaster Pro on your pc.

Chroma Key allows you to change your background with one click. But for this video must be recorded in front of a green screen. So later you can alter the background easily. Without a green screen, it’s not possible to change the background.

How To Use Kinemaster Pro In Pc?

Here are some steps that you can follow to install kinemaster Pro on your pc. Just follow the steps given below and all done.

·         The First Step is to download BlueStacks

·         Install it on your PC.

·         Now Search for Kinemaster Pro using BlueStack

·         After searching Kinemaster Pro will appear

·         Simply Install it

·         Now Kinemaster Pro icon will appear on Bluestacks

·         Now you can use this video editor on your PC.

How to install kinemaster in pc or laptop without watermark


kinemaster in pc or laptop without watermark
kinemaster in pc or laptop without watermark

We all know that KineMaster is one of the most preferred applications available for video editing on Android and iOS devices. It comes with almost all video editing features. It gives you the ability to add multiple layers like music layers, video layers, effects, text, audio envelope, and VFX along with you can do basic cut, trim, and slice. Even, KineMaster has a popular Chroma Key feature which helps you to remove the original background. You may get KineMaster premium if want to make professional videos with advanced editing tools like animation and VFX. 

Kinemaster For PC Without Blustacks

If you wish to enjoy all the features of KineMaster on PC also, you can download it through Bluestacks. You may have a suspicion that is it possible to download KineMaster for PC without Bluestacks? Want to know the answer to this question? Then read the rest of this article.


How to download KineMaster for PC without Bluestacks:

Though Bluestacks is a great emulator to run android application on Windows, it lags on low-end devices which have less RAM.  The minimum requirement of Bluestacks is that it needs at least 2 GB of RAM, 5 GB of free disk space, and up to date graphics driver.

If your PC does not meet these requirements then you can’t properly use Bluestacks and your PC may face some troubles. In that situation, you need to find out yet another way to use KineMaster on your PC. Here, we have given some simple methods to follow. We are going to explain the methods using other best emulators such as Nox and Memu player. These emulators work quite well on low-end PCs when compare to Bluestacks. Let’s see how to download KineMaster for PC using Nox and Memu player.

Download KineMaster for PC using Nox Player

Nox Player
Nox Player


§  First of all, download the installation file Nox player by visiting its official website.

How To Download Nox App Player

§  Once it’s done, go to the directory where you save the installation file.

§  Click on that file to run the installer and allow it to complete the installation process.

§  Once installation gets done, open the Nox player on your PC. 

§  The main interface of the Nox player looks like an Android phone.

§  Go to the Google Play Store which is preinstalled on it.

Install Kinemaster On PC 

§  Type KineMaster on its search bar.

§  Choose the right option from multiple results and then click on the Install button.

§  Once it is installed, you can see the KineMaster app on the App drawer of the Nox player.

Download KineMaster for PC using Memu player:

§  As usual, first, download the extension file of the Memu player from its website.

How to use Memu Player

§  In order to install Memu player on your PC, double click on the downloaded file.

§  Once it is finished, it will automatically get open. 

§  Now, enter your Google account to sign in to the player.

§  Click on the Play store to install KineMaster on your PC.

Memu Player
Memu Player

Install Kinemaster on pc 

§  Type KineMaster on the search bar of the play store.

§  Click on the install option and install it on the Memu player.

§  Once it is installed, you can use KineMaster on your PC using a Memu player.

Alternatives to KineMaster for PC:

If you don’t want to use any other emulators including Bluestacks to install KineMaster for PC then it is impossible. Until now KineMaster is officially available only for Android and iOS devices. There is not a standalone version available for Windows. So you can’t enjoy this app on your PC without any emulators. If you want to use KineMaster for PC without Bluestacks or other emulators, then you have tried alternatives. There are more applications available for windows on the internet to edit videos and that too for free. Here, we have listed out some video editing applications available for Windows PC, which work like KineMaster.


It is a simple and open-source app to edit videos on Windows. With this app, you can easily add transitions, effects, subtitles and etc on a video and it lets you do trim and slice, add animation, Keyframes, unlimited tracks, Audio Waveforms, slow motion, time effects, and more. This app is also available for Linux and Mac.


Shotcut has a very intuitive user interface so anyone can easily adapt to this app. You can view all information at its interface like recent files, playlist including thumbnail, search history, encoding panel, filter panel, media properties, etc. It supports all video formats, 4K resolution, and lets you mix audio across all tracks.


Lightworks is a complete video editing tool for Windows that comes with a simple interface, real-time audio and video effects, and timeline editing and trimming features. With this app, you may experience Hollywood like editing.

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Video editing is quite difficult on Android devices. Thus editing videos on pc and laptops are much easier because of the bigger and clear screen. Bluestacks has made it possible to use all android apps on your Pc Free. Not only Kinemaster For Pc as well as any application can be used on Pc with Bluestacks.

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