Letest Banggood Carding Method

Latest Banggood Carding Method

Banggood Carding
Banggood Carding


*)shocks5 proxy
*)live cc
*)any paid VPN


How To Become A Pro Carder
 Ebay Carding
Worldwide Cardable Sites 
Amezon Carding Method

*) don't use google chrome use (firefox,  ( Banggood Carding )
*)create a Gmail address of cc owner name
*)clear history manually and again using (cccleaner)
*)connect your shocks5 proxy(keep sure it should connected and it should be premium shocks not free or random!)
*)connect hma to cc ower state,city)
*)go to banggood creat account add billing adress of cc owner keep name as cc owner name .
*)then add any product below 40k keep it in card for 30min
*)check to proceed remember seller contact number and email address.please read (customs clearance before ordering)
*)after your order is done you will get gmail regarding ur order
*)dont think!!now you should disconnect all tools.
*)keep ur pc on for 4 hours with hma and shocks5 connected
*)and be seeing that your pc doesn't go to sleep keep it live till 4 hours .
*)after 4 hours open firefox check order se weather it is live or cancelled
*)CHILLL!! If your order is live logout from your banggood account off all tools clear data
*)then againafter 14 hours connect your vpn login into banggood se weather your order is been shipped or not if shipped follow next part????
*)(fake sim) if not real u can also use
*) call the seller of your product (number and details of seller will be available on website it self)call the seller and tell hello sir im ( take the name of cc owner and tell i ordered a product from you sir and that hav to ship to india the product is for my son ××××.please the product should be gift covered and please mention 8$ price on it so that i can easily clear customs.
*) cool guyz seller will 100% agree with that because he wants you to come again and again to him
*) once custom is cleaned u will get your product with care☺️

    BIN FOR CARDING ( Banggood Carding )


    these are some bins please do ask cc seller or please confirm about these bins or u can also use any USA bins

     Latest bins for Banggood Carding

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