How To Redirect Non www to www in Blogger

 How To Redirect Non www to www in Blogger -When Hosting Domain With Blogger the most important difficulty arise is that it don’t allow you to use the nude domain. But it loads quickly with www variation i.e Its looks quite difficult and therefore the prolonged variant to utilize the www edition of the domain.Also its extended now a days for people to type www along side the domain name . That is bad,as folks don’t want to compose the variant .If during this event the location don't opensit isn't great for SEO and you won’t obtain the traffic . So i will be able to inform you ways you'll Redirect non www.

1. Login to your Domain Provider

I am taking example of .Click on the check in button at the highest , then you’ll be landed to the dashboard of your domain panel.

2. DNS Setting

After signing in, attend dashboard which is nearly the same just in case of just about all domain providers then attend the DNS setting of the option of the domain which is usually named as Manage DNS.

3. Forwarding the domain 

How To Redirect Non www to www in Blogger

in the DNS Setting, scroll at rock bottom and attend Forwarding which is found at the top of the page.

Now you’ll tend to two options in the Forwarding area.

How To Redirect Non www to www in Blogger

1. Domain

2. Sub-domain

Go to the domain option and add the link of your site with www version on which you would like to Redirect your non www domain ( Make Sure Its permanent (301) and in setting it to forward only.Do not forget to tick the update my nameservers and DNS settings to support this change . After that click on the save button. This will update all the nameservers associated with that non www version thereto of www version and it'll forward all upcoming request to your www version.

4. found out A records pointing to Google IP’s

Now attend DNS settign to feature a kind A Record and under host type @ and under points to type the subsequent Google IP’s .

When done, sign out of your domain provider ( e.g Godaddy).

5. Sign In to your Blogger Site

Lastly ni the method of redirection of non www to www . Go to and open the settings panel. Under settings, open up the essential settings and locate the publishing section. Under publishing where we've our third-party domain setting, click edit as I did within the screenshot and check the redirect to and click on save. You’re Done!

If you still have any issues, comment below and I’ll do my best to assist you

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